Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any products from Seller you are agreeing wholly to all of the following Terms and Conditions. Seller posses the right to change these terms at anytime and without notice to Buyer. “Seller” refers to KratomWholesale.US, the website KratomWholesale.US, and all persons in association with KratomWholesale.US; “Buyer” refers to the individual, company, firm, or other legal entity purchasing the Goods from the Seller for any and all purposes; “Goods” refers to any and all of the material or products which are the subject of the Contract; and “Contract” refers to a mutual agreement between the Seller and Buyer in exchange for the sale of Goods.

1. Age. Goods may not be purchased by anyone under the age of 21. Buyer agrees at time of purchase that all orders may be subject to the requirement of adult signature or other proof of age of Buyer prior to or on date of delivery.

2. Use. Buyer acknowledges that any and all Goods purchased from Seller are intended solely for the purpose of scientific research and development and are in no way intended for human consumption under any circumstances. Buyer agrees that any consumption of Goods offered by Seller is a misuse of said Goods. Buyer will not hold Seller responsible for any consequence, whether seen or unforeseen, nor will Buyer hold Seller responsible for any harm or injury resulting from the misuse of said Goods.

3. Regulation and Risk of Loss. Buyer is fully responsible for any and all local laws pertaining to the purchase of Goods. Seller declares the offer of Goods void where prohibited. If Goods are lost during transport to Buyer, due to Buyer negligence to obey all applicable laws, whether local or otherwise, Seller deems loss of Goods the responsibility of the Buyer. Any risk of loss is immediately transferred to Buyer upon purchase of Goods.

4. Personal Information. The billing and shipping information given to Seller are affirmed by Buyer and are said to be both truthful and accurate. Buyer confirms all personal information given is solely Buyer’s information and is not that of any third party.

5. Right to Refuse Sale. Seller may refuse sell or service to anyone for any reason. Goods will never be shipped or sold to Buyers in the following countries for any reason: Thailand, Bhutan, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma). Goods will also never be shipped to Buyers in the state of Indiana Wisconsin and Tennessee for any reason.

6. Shipping. Seller will make all efforts to ship Goods to Buyer in an expeditious manner. In the event that delay occurs, Buyer acknowledges that Seller is not liable.

7. Refunds and Returns: Any and all opened Goods are not eligible for refund or return. If you have an unopened sealed package you would like to return, you can contact KratomWholesale.US for return options. All purchases of 30 days or longer from time of purchase are final and not eligible for refund. Refunds can take up 72 hours or greater to post to your account weekends and holidays may effect this time and cause more delays.

8. Severability. The validity of these terms and conditions is not altered by the pronouncement of one or more of the terms and conditions legally invalid, illegal, or unenforceable. Each term and condition exclusively exists on its own merits and shall not be rendered invalid by any change in the others, regardless of circumstance.

9. Choice of Law and Venue. These Terms and Conditions, as well as any sale of Goods to Buyer, are deemed to have been both agreed to and have had occurred in the State of North Carolina. Any disputes or clarification of interpretation, and the remedies for enforcement or breach of contract, are to be applied pursuant to and in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. Buyer and Seller expressly agree that all actions or proceedings arising in relation to the sale of any Goods or these Terms and Conditions shall be tried and litigated exclusively in the State or Federal Courts within the State of North Carolina. The Buyer relinquishes the right to contest exclusive venue by any motion to transfer, motion for forum non-conveniens or any and all related motions.

10. Disclaimer of Liability. The purpose of this Terms and Conditions agreement is to remove any and all liability of the Seller for events where harm or injury occurred as result from the purchase, use, or misuse of the Goods.

By purchasing the Goods you are hereby affirming the following:

a. I am over 21. I am an adult under the laws of my State and Country.

b. I am in good health, of sound mind and body, and am capable of making my own decisions and representations.

c. LIMITATION AND DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES. I clearly understand that all Goods & information obtained through Seller are provided ‘AS IS.’ Goods are without warranty, express or implied. All implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly hereby disclaimed.

d. Under no circumstances will Seller be liable to me or any third party for any damages or injury resulting from use, misuse, or improper use of Goods. Neither shall Seller be liable, to me or any third party, for actions taken, by me or any third party, resulting from reliance on information or views, verbal or in literature obtained through Seller by any means. Waiver of liability includes and encompasses any and all damages whether incidental, consequential, special, or similar.

e. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless both Seller and all other parties involved, including but not limited to their owners, officers, affiliates, associates and employees, for any and all damages resulting from the purchase, use, or misuse of Goods. Seller and all of the aforementioned related parties shall not be liable under any circumstance or theory whatsoever.

f. No circumstance shall exist where Seller shall be liable for any damages whether direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive.
g. I HAVE CLEARLY READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND COMPREHEND THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, AS WELL AS ANY AND ALL CAUTIONS & WARNINGS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARNINGS PRINTED ON THE LABEL. I hereby agree and state that I will carefully abide by these cautions & warnings. I will also abide by and follow all warnings stated on the website regarding product use.

Shipping Policy


There is No FedEx or USPS Shipping on July 4th all Shipping will return to normal Friday July 5th

KratomWholesale.US is a company based in North Carolina. For those of you in North Carolina, USPS Flat rate shipping usually arrives within one day. For those of you in Virginia and South Carolina, USPS Flat Rate shipping usually arrives within two days. For those of you on the East Coast, USPS Flat Rate shipping typically arrives in approximately two days. For those of you in the Midwest, USPS Flat Rate shipping typically arrives in approximately two to three days. For those of you on the West Coast, USPS Flat Rate shipping typically arrives in approximately three days. All approximations exclude Sundays and federal holidays, as USPS is closed on Sundays and federal holidays. These are only approximations for your convenience; these are not delivery time guarantees. Kratom Wholesale.US can only guarantee shipping from our facility. Once your order leaves our facility, we can no longer be held responsible for its destination arrival time. We will, however, do everything in our power to assist you in ensuring your package arrives successfully.

All orders Monday through Friday will be shipped same day unless order is 10 or more kilos or  over $3500.00 those will ship  after credit card or wire is received from your bank. Order must be placed before 2:00pm EST and match above criteria to ship same day. All orders placed on Sunday will be shipped Monday, as USPS and FedEx are closed on Sundays. Please be mindful of federal holidays when USPS and FedEx may be closed. Orders placed on these days will be shipped the following business day.

For customers choosing FedEx shipping: FedEx Overnight shipping policy states that orders will arrive in one “business” day from the time of shipment. For example, an order placed on Friday before 2:00pm EST, using FedEx Overnight shipping, will not arrive until Monday. FedEx Second Day shipping policy states that orders will arrive in two “business” days from the time of shipment. For example, an order placed on Friday before 2:00pm EST, using FedEx Second Day shipping, will not arrive until Tuesday. Also, for example, an order placed after 2:00pm EST on a Thursday using FedEx Second Day Shipping will not arrive until Tuesday. Please be mindful of our 11:00am EST same day shipment policy when ordering. If you have any questions about which form of shipping to choose, please contact us for clarification. We will be happy to help!

For customers choosing USPS shipping: USPS Express Mail shipping policy states that delivery time will vary based upon the origin and destination zip codes. You can check your estimated delivery time on the USPS website.

KratomWholesale.US strives to ensure our customers receive their packages as expeditiously as possible. If for any reason you do not recieve your package as expressed in your tracking please call(800) 292-8509

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