Kratom’s Pain Relieving Properties
by Tanya Marion
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With flu season in full affect, you may find yourself rummaging through your cabinets looking for a remedy to the body aches and pesky fatigue that we all feel from time to time during the winter months. Even if the notoriously nasty influenza virus does not claim you as a victim, chances are you will experience some common cold symptoms before Old Man Winter bids us adieu. Kratom may be a potential answer to yet another ailment!

 Kratom’s pain relieving properties can be a welcome reprieve from winter plagues such as the flu or the common cold. Although the flu and the common cold are caused by viruses which must run their course, many people seek alternative methods to at least ease their symptoms during that waiting period before full recovery. For those who avoid synthetic over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, kratom is becoming a popular and effective choice. We have all heard of natural cold remedies such as zinc, elderberry, and of course one of the most popular, vitamin C; so, why not add kratom to the list of all-natural alternatives for keeping cold symptoms to a minimum!

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